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PokeRogue overview

What is PokeRogue - A Pokemon Rogue-lite game?

PokeRogue is a unique rogue-lite experience set in the Pokemon universe. Unlike traditional Pokemon games, PokeRogue features procedurally generated worlds, meaning the map and encounters change with every playthrough. This injects a hefty dose of strategy and replayability, forcing you to adapt to ever-changing situations. Additionally, while it doesn't have permadeath like some Roguelike, PokeRogue offers a challenging experience that requires careful planning and resource management.

Who create PokeRogue?

The creative minds behind PokeRogue remain shrouded in a bit of mystery. However, the game's active development can be found on GitHub, hinting at a passionate community effort. This collaborative spirit adds another layer of intrigue to the ever-evolving world of PokeRogue.

What are audiences of this rogue-lite game?

If you're a Pokemon fan yearning for a fresh challenge that tests your strategic thinking and adaptability, then PokeRogue is for you. The ever-changing environments and strategic depth make it perfect for players who have mastered the mainline Pokemon games and crave something new.


How to play PokeRogue online?

Play PokeRogue online on web browser

The good news is you can experience the thrill of PokeRogue directly from your web browser!

  • Firstly, go to by you PC/Mobile browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari ...
  • Secondly, click "PLAY NOW" to load the game.
  • Thirdly, Login (if you have account already) or Register new account
  • Finaly, choose NEW GAME and enjoy the game

While an official release might be on the horizon, for now, you can find the game through various online sources (a quick web search for "Play PokeRogue online" should do the trick).


PokeRogue is a game that combines the world of Pokemon with a genre called a "roguelite" Roguelike are known for their difficulty and permadeath, where if your character dies, you start the game over from the beginning. While PokeRogue doesn't exactly follow the permadeath aspect, it does have some features that make each playthrough different and challenging.

At its core, PokeRogue retains the turn-based battling system familiar to Pokemon fans. You'll encounter wild Pokemon, capture them to build your team, and engage in strategic battles. However, the rogue-lite twist comes in the form of procedurally generated maps, meaning each playthrough offers a unique world to explore.

As you progress, you'll face challenging decisions that enhance your team's power but also increase the difficulty. This risk-reward system keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, forcing you to constantly adapt your strategies.

Game control

Navigating PokeRogue is intuitive for those familiar with Pokemon games. Use the arrow keys to move your character, interact with the environment with the Z key, and access your menu with the X key. Battles follow the classic turn-based format, with options to attack, use items, switch Pokemon, or run from the encounter.

PokeRogue General controls

  • ENTER or SPACE or Z : Used to select whatever option the cursor is actively on or move dialogue along
  • BACKSPACE or X : Used to cancel/reject whatever option the cursor is actively on or move dialogue along
  • ESC or M : Open or close the game's menu
  • +/-: Speed the game

Starter Screen Specific Controls

  • ENTER: Start the run without navigating to the “Start” button
  • R: Cycle between shiny and not-shiny sprites
  • F: Cycle available forms
  • G: Cycle available genders
  • E: Cycle available abilities
  • N: Cycle available natures

PokeRogue's items

Pokeballs: Essential for capturing Pokemon, there might be different Pokeball types with varying catch rates.

Healing Items: Potions, Revives, and Full Restores to keep your Pokemon in top shape.

Stat-Boosting Items: Items that temporarily or permanently increase a Pokemon's stats like attack, defense, or speed.

Evolution Stones: Items like Fire Stones or Water Stones to evolve certain Pokemon.

Battle Items: Items like X-Attack or X-Defense to enhance your Pokemon's performance in battle.

Held Items: Items your Pokemon can hold to grant them passive benefits.

Key Items: Special items required to progress through the game or access certain areas.

PokeRogue Guide

PokeRogue's Stages and Challenges

PokeRogue throws you into a series of stages, each one a battle against wild Pokemon, trainers, or powerful bosses. Wild battles are most common, but trainers can pop up almost anywhere. Boss battles mark the end of each biome (more on those later) and legendary encounters.

Before facing wild Pokerogue, you can strategize and switch your Pokemon to match the opponent. This flexibility is crucial because stat changes you apply to your Pokemon persist between wild battles! However, this freedom disappears against trainers. Here, your team is locked in, and any stat buffs or debuffs reset before the fight. Trainer battles also test your knowledge, as their Pokemon prioritize super-effective moves and switch out to exploit type advantages. Wild Pokemon, on the other hand, rely on unpredictable, random attacks.

Exploring PokeRogue Biomes

Every ten stages take you to a new Pokerogue's biome, each with its own theme and a distinct set of Pokemon (check the wiki for a complete list!). The first two biomes are familiar territory – a bustling town and sprawling plains – filled with common Pokemon like Normals, Grass-types, and Bugs.

The climax of each biome (stage 10, 20, etc.) throws you into a challenging battle against either a gym leader from the main PokeRogue game or a powerful boss Pokemon. In my experience, bosses appear more frequently than gym leaders. Both opponents thematically match their environment. Facing the "cave" biome? Expect rock-type gym leaders or a cave-dwelling boss!

Victory comes with rewards! You'll heal your entire party after defeating the leader or boss, and receive a charm to boost your Pokemon's EXP gain. Gym leader victories also grant you egg tickets.

Your Persistent Rival

Get ready for a recurring challenger! Throughout your journey, you'll face your rival (whose name escapes me) at specific stages – 8, 25, 55, and so on.
Your first encounter happens around stage 8.
Defeat him, and he rewards you with an EXP charm and an EXP Share, which grants a percentage of your battling Pokemon's EXP to the rest of your team.
Each subsequent victory over your rival earns you another EXP charm.
Buckle up, though, because later encounters pit you against his boss Pokemon and even a Mega Rayquaza!

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